" (...) We are a small restaurant with an intimate atmosphere which is a fulfilment of our dreams.
Name of our premises was inspired by the title of a beautiful song written by famous polish artist Kora Jackowska.
We are very happy for the fact we can share our fulfilment with you, because Cafe Cykada's ambience consists of not only the place and cuisine, but also great customers we are serving continuously since 2002. (...)"
Restaurant Cafe Cykada
Restaurant Cafe Cykada invites you for a culinary journey to Polish cuisine, full of beautiful flavors and aromas. Our restaurant is not an ordinary place like many others but it is a cosy one and of family kind where you can unwind and get rid of everyday worriment. As our guests say - we were succeeded. Everybody will find something suitable for themselves, both in Cykada's decor and the menu.
We can organize an anniversary for you of any kind. We do the catering services as well. In co-operation with "Klub Nauczyciela" (Teacher's Club) we can also organize bigger size parties and weddings in Klub's premises.
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 12-18
Sat: 12-16
Sun: closed
Closing times do not apply if our venue is booked for a function.
All major payment cards accepted: